The Value Of Everything (short story)

I’d never done anything like this before and while I was almost certain that it was what I wanted, keen optimism dwindled as the hours passed. I felt guilt yet somehow I was still sat there in a hotel suite, slurping red wine like it was a Japanese tea-drinking ritual. Only with less inner peace. Continue reading The Value Of Everything (short story)


The Last Of It All (short story)

Outside it was raining. He could smell the dead grass blowing in through the open window. Summer was gone, but its memory was still in the air. Craning his neck to see the clouds, he found it amusing that the weather would be something else in different parts of the world. It was like people existed on other planets that each had their own sun, moon, sky. He believed he was the only one right here experiencing this rain. Continue reading The Last Of It All (short story)