On Reading Feminist Literature

So I recently read an article on Lit Hub about a crisis of literature in schools: that boys are not encouraged to read girl-orientated books. Continue reading On Reading Feminist Literature


Should US Authors Be Excluded From The Man Booker Prize?

So I recently read an article in the Guardian that calls for the removal of American authors from the British-centric Man Booker prize. For anyone who isn’t aware, the Man Booker prize (which is celebrating 50 years this year), made a decision in 2014 to allow non-British authors to participate in the annual event in the hope of creating a more global appeal. There’s probably … Continue reading Should US Authors Be Excluded From The Man Booker Prize?


A List Of Banned Books

So I recently read about an Argentinian artist who is building a replica of the Parthenon at Kessel in Germany as part of an anti-censorship art project. Her medium? Thousands upon thousands of books. But not just any book. Marta Minujin is collecting banned books from around the world (or at least books that used to be banned) to build the structure with. The best part … Continue reading A List Of Banned Books